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Welcome to 34 new members who went throw the ordeal in March.  I look forward to meeting all of you soon.  Thanks to everyone who showed up at the chapter meeting on Thursday, and Mr. Salmon and Mr. Chinn for getting drinks and pizza.  Camporee is coming up soon thanks to all of you who signed up to help. 

Conclave is also approaching fast and will be held at Camp Simpson this year I would like to see all of you there, this is a great place for fellowship and meeting your fellow Arrowmen and get introduced to patch trading. 

  SR-3A Conclave Registration Form
(PDF: 68 Kb/2 pages)

The National Order of the Arrow Conference is being held in Bloomington, Indiana at the end of July please look at 2002 NOAC Registration.PDF and the National Order of the Arrow website.

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